蓄積通信法 Stored Communications Act (SCA),stored wire and electronic communications and transactional records accessがある。

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§ 2707(c) - Civil action で、損害賠償額の最低額を、一人当たり1000ドル(10万円ぐらい)と定めている。これにプラスして、懲罰的損害賠償もあります。



The court may assess as damages in a civil action under this section the sum of the actual damages suffered by the plaintiff and any profits made by the violator as a result of the violation, but in no case shall a personentitled to recover receive less than the sum of $1,000. If the violation is willful or intentional, the court may assess punitive damages. In the case of a successful action to enforce liability under this section, the court may assess the costs of the action, together with reasonable attorney fees determined by the court.


Statutory damagesを定める米の立法例は他にもある模様→Wikipedia(日)
離婚訴訟のためにメールを見たとの案件だが、SCAの法定損害額は実損がないと適用されないとの裁判例もある模様。 →ネット記事(英語)
The U.S. Court Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has ruled that statutory damages under the Stored Communications Act (SCA) are not available in a case where the plaintiff did not incur any actual damages. To obtain information to prove her theory, Terri began regularly accessing the Vista web mail account to read Franklin’s emails from October 2011 until May 2012. 
このほか、Wiretap Actという盗聴禁止法も存在し、 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)を構成。
FacebookとCA社の事案に関する集団訴訟class actionでは、FacebookがSCAに違反したとの主張もなされている→Fortune(英語)